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PCB Manufacturing Capability
Category Item Standard Advance
Basic Rigid PCB Layer Count 1-108L 120L
Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Layer Count Flex PCB: 1-18L Flex PCB: 1-18L
Rigid-flex PCB: 2-20L Rigid-flex PCB+HDI: 2-20L
Min. Fnished Board Thickness 0.2 ± 0.05mm(8 ± 2mil) 0.15 ± 0.025mm(6 ± 1mil)
Max. Fnished Board Thickness 6.5 ± 10%mm(256 ± 10%mil) 10.0 ± 10%mm(394 ± 10%mil)
Max.Board/Array Size 1060mm*610mm(41*24inch) 1100mm*660mm(43*26inch)
Min. Core Thickness 0.05mm(2mil) 0.034mm(1.34mil)
Stackup Through-hole PCB YES YES
Mechanical-Blind/buried via PCB YES YES
Metal Base PCB YES YES
HDI 1+N+1 Rigid-flex PCB+HDI
Base material Normal Tg, Middle Tg, High Tg Yes Yes
Lead Free,Halogen Free Yes Yes
Low Dk Laminate Yes Yes
Low Loss Laminate Yes Yes
High Frequency Laminate Yes Yes
PI Laminate Yes Yes
BT Laminate Yes Yes
Teflon Laminate Yes Yes
Material supplier Shengyi, ITEQ, KB, TUC, Grace Yes Yes
Isola, Ventec, Nanya, Dopont
Arlon, Rogers, Wangling, Taconic
Bergquist, Boyu, Nelco
Hole Min. Mechanical Drill Size 0.15mm(6mil) 0.10mm(4mil)
Min. Laser Drill Size 0.10mm(4mil) 0.075mm(3mil)
Drilling Hole to Hole Accuracy ± 0.05mm(± 2mil) ± 0.05mm(± 2mil)
PTH Tolerance ± 0.075mm(± 3mil) ± 0.05mm(± 2mil)
NPTH Tolerance ± 0.05mm(± 2mil) ± 0.038mm(± 1.5mil)
Controlled Depth Drilling Tolerance ± 0.10mm(± 4mil) ± 0.05mm(± 2mil)
PTH Aspect Ratio 10:1 15:1
Laswer Aspect Ratio 0.8:1 1:1
Min. Distance of hole to trace 7mil 6.5mil
Trace, Soldermask Min. Trace Width/Space 0.075mm/0.075mm(3/3mil) 0.05mm/0.05mm(2/2mil)
Trace Width Tolerance ± 10% ± 8%
Min. Base Cu Thickness 12um(1/3 oz ) 9um(1/4 oz )
Max. Base Cu Thickness 12 oz  30oz
Impedance Control Tolerance ± 10% ± 5%
Registration<10L ± 0.05mm(± 2mil) ± 0.038(± 1.5mil)
Registration≥10L ± 0.075(± 3mil) ± 0.05(± 2mil)
Min. SMT/QFP Pitch 0.20mm(8mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min. BGA Pitch 0.23mm(9mil) 0.20mm(8mil)
Min. Solder Bridge Width 3mil 3mil
S/M Registration Tolerance ± 0.05mm(± 2mil) ± 0.038mm(± 1.5mil)
Mechanical Routing Tolerance ± 0.13mm(± 5mil) ± 0.10mm(± 4mil)
Punch Tolerance ± 0.10mm(± 4mil) ± 0.05mm(± 2mil)
V-cut Location Tolerance ± 0.10mm(± 4mil) ± 0.075mm(± 3mil)
V-cut Residual Tolerance ± 0.10mm(± 4mil) ± 0.05mm(± 2mil)
Angle & Tolerance of Beveling of G/F 20°/30°/45°, ± 5° 20°/30°/45°, ± 5°
Depth & Tolerance of Beveling of G/F 1.2 ± 0.20mm(47 ± 8mil) 1.2 ± 0.10mm(47 ± 4mil)
Surface Finishing
Carbon ink Nipon
Peelable Mask PETER SD2955
OSP Entek Plus HT; Preflux F2 LX
ENIG Au: 0.03um -0.06um, Ni: 3um -6um
Immersion Tin 0.8-1.2um
Immersion Silver Yes
HASL(Free) 0.5-40um
ENEIPG Au: 0.015-0.075um; Pd: 0.02-0.075um; Ni: 2-6um
Electro. Hard Gold Au: 0.125-1.270um; Ni: 2.50-6.25um
Special Process Platd edge Yes Yes
Half Hole Yes Yes
Sidestep hole Yes Yes
Via in Pad Yes Yes
Back Drill Yes Yes
Countersink Hole Yes Yes
Buried Capacitor Yes Yes
Buried Resistor Yes Yes
Embedded coin Yes Yes
Rigid-Flex Yes Yes
Rigid-Flex + HDI Yes Yes
Substrate No No
Rigid-Flex + Metal Base No No

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